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MAGRA 2 - faux fur garment producer 

Year founded 1984


Our company is a producer of faux fur jackets and coats. Only the best quality fabrics sourced from producers worldwide are used in our faux fur production, the same fabrics used by top faux fur fashion designers.

30 years of tradition, perfect accessories and diligence, and very often hand-made edging allow us, to present you with luxurious and comfortable faux fur products.

Our faux fur collection offers traditional faux fur coats as well as short faux fur jackets. The diversity of our faux fur collection enables you to choose the faux fur model which perfectly fits your look, age and needs.


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To make the access to our products easier we have opened an online shop with our products.


If you have your own idea about faux fur products and you can't find it on our offer, contact us. We will do our best to transform your idea into reality.

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